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Extra Help with Rob

On-demand online Extra Help with the SAT, ACT, academics, and college admissions.

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What is Extra Help with Rob?

Some students don't want or need a comprehensive tutoring program for the SAT, ACT, or academic subjects, but they would benefit from occasional guidance, instruction, and review with me. You might benefit from Extra Help if you

  • are self-studying for the SAT or ACT and need some help reviewing tests and practice problems that are giving you trouble.
  • want a custom Study Plan for the SAT, ACT, or other tests.
  • would like to "check in" with a tutor occasionally to review your progress and suggest next steps.
  • are too busy with academics, sports, and extracurriculars for regular tutoring sessions but could benefit from intermittent coaching.
  • need help completing your school homework, or studying for an upcoming test, but don't need a full-time tutor.
  • would like feedback on an essay you're writing or project you're working on.
  • have questions about the college admissions process or need advice on college essays.

Self-motivated students, student-athletes, homeschoolers, students on a budget - I've worked with all kinds of students who need extra support, and I'd love to help you out too!

(If you'd prefer a more comprehensive, full-service tutoring program, go here to learn more.)

Subjects Taught

Some of what we can discuss in Extra Help sessions include

  • SAT & PSAT Prep - problems, strategies, advice
  • ACT Prep - problems, strategies, advice
  • SAT Subject Tests (Math 1, Math 2, Chemistry, Literature)
  • Academics - Math (up to calculus), Chemistry (up to AP/Honors), Writing (all levels)
  • College Admissions
  • College Essays

For other subjects & standardized tests (e.g. Physics, the Praxis Series), please contact me to discuss.

How It Works

Hours of Extra Help time are bought "a la carte" in advance; you then book times (minimum: 15 minutes; maximum: 90 minutes) at your own convenience. You do not have to book your times right after purchase; your purchased hours will never expire, so you can schedule sessions on demand!

Here's how the process works:

  1. Select the number of hours you'd like to purchase below.
  2. Complete checkout; create an account if you don't already have one.
  3. Log in to your account & select the "Extra Help with Rob" Course.
  4. Click on the "Schedule a Session" lecture.
  5. Use the scheduler to book your session; sessions can be 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105, or 120 minutes long.
  6. If no time works for you, please contact me directly. My email address is in the "Schedule a Session" lecture.
  7. We meet and discuss your questions.

Here is a video explaining how to schedule time once you've purchased hours:

How We Meet

All meetings occur online through Skype (preferred) or Google Hangouts.

Not only will we interact by voice, but also I’ll be able to share my computer screen so that I can write on a “virtual blackboard” during the session. This audiovisual pairing will make our sessions feel like we’re in the same room.

After you book your time, I will email you to make sure all the technology is set up and answer any pre-session questions.

No matter your schedule or time zone, I guarantee we will find a meeting time that will work for you!

Do I need Extra Help or Tutoring?

If you're not sure whether you should book Extra Help time or if you need more comprehensive tutoring, contact me here.

Why is Extra Help cheaper than Tutoring?

My full tutoring programs include more intensive planning and preparation for sessions since I am essentially designing a curriculum from the ground up for each student. Extra Help sessions are more student-directed, so they require less planning and preparation time from me outside of sessions. I can therefore charge a lower rate for Extra Help.

If it turns out you need more extensive tutoring, we might discuss upgrading you to a full tutoring program.

What is your refund policy?

I do not offer refunds for any time spent in session. However, if you end up buying more hours than you need, I will refund any unused time.

Any more questions?

If you'd like to know if Extra Help is right for you or acquaint me with your situation and needs, or if you have any other questions, contact me here.

Your Instructor

Robert Schombs
Robert Schombs

I’m Rob, the founder of Reason Prep, creator of these videos, and your test prep tutor.

Also pictured is my beagle, Mr. Pibb. He didn’t help with the site that much, but maybe he’ll star in one of my videos one day.

I earned a BA in Chemistry (2006) and an MA in Science and Technology Studies (2009) from Cornell University. In 2010 I started tutoring SAT, ACT, math, chemistry, and writing full-time, and Reason Prep followed shortly after!

Let's get started!